How to organise meetings that Rock

Came, sang, thrilled. Have you ever talked in the style of energy under the stage and on the stage was incredible, contagious. Sound is energy that propagates through the space as a wave, says the definition from textbooks. It spreads like a fuzzy noise or superior tone with its height, colour, strength and duration.

At an event or congress, we are dealing with similar challenges. We are turning fuzzy noise into a steady tone of suitable height, colour and dynamics. Pianismo lectures and fortismo parties are connected by special congress energy. Participants feel the sincere love and passion to the event. Using cheap tricks does not work. Guitar is required to play live and to the full and to sing with full lungs. Congress power is similar to the power of music. To reach nirvana jazz improvisation or top rock pleasures we have to practice a lot. Therefore, in addition to talent, experience is also very valuable.

Think about how you feel when you enter the reception area of a conference and feel the energy right away. Despite the fact that it is a place full of unfamiliar people, you rely that you are exactly at the right place with the right people. It is similar with hotel lobbies. Old cats identify good energy intuitively. I dare say that most of the communication at an event takes place at the energy level, and only a small part on the verbal. Therefore, for example it is surprising that congress receptions are still so closed and formal. From world-class hotel with excellent reception one can learn what it takes for communication to flow smoothly and more directly. At the opposite extreme, which kills the flow of energy, are halls of classic fixed formats. Perhaps it is precisely this reason that over and over again in these halls I fall into hibernation.

Advice on energy of events is actually very simple. Despite the negative connotation of the word, we congress organisers are MANIPULATORS OF THE ENERGY.

Successful manipulators organise an event with a lot of love and without ill will. Simple and creative. Ethical and moral. It is necessary to provide for the flow of energy between the organisers and participants, the speakers and the audience, between the sponsors and participants. It is necessary to arrange congress spaces in such a way that the energy flows, in such a way as at rock festivals. In doing so, it is good to be inspired by some modern-day festivals, which are elementary school of energy flow between the audience and the band. This year, in addition to the legendary Exit in Novi Sad on the Adriatic flashed a whole lot of rock and electronic events in the Adriatic. This is a secondary school of Rock ‘n’ Roll energy for all event organisers.

Above all, the good energy we get if we manage three basic elements of events. The first is the element of surprise. Some call it a first impression. If we can establish a genuine relationship that is spontaneous and natural, we have solved the first part of the energy puzzle. If we are creative, we are usually full of surprises by the participants want.

The second part is today very important communication, which, before, during and after the event brings the energy and transmits it all the way to the heights of modern hybrid social communication. Third, the effective dramaturgy, which has already been discussed, and that includes scenery ambiance, design of rooms, light and for rockers also true rock congress riffs.

The uniqueness of your event is based on the energy. An event can be quickly evaluated as successful if it was just executed well and in line with the objectives. Effective are only a few events, which are those in which atomic congress energy flows where participants become part of the energy. Such events raise customer loyalty, reputation and loyalty of buyers and create professional fan club similar to Rock Bands.




How to transfer the energy of innovation on 2000 selected international guests and a pioneering spirit. With the help of 125 creative employees, who have joined forces in a symphony orchestra. With symphonies are all over the world an idea sparks that ignites innovation. Symphony was accompanied by multimedia projection, performance and overall dramaturgy. The event was accompanied by top PR and general communication campaign through the website Bosch Globe. An example of excellent use of all three elements of the manipulation of energy surprise, communication and drama that this event caused a ten-minute standing ovation.

The event organiser was agency BBDO Live, the event was held on 19th May 2011 in Stuttgart exhibition centre.


It will be interesting to hear what on the energy will say Mike van der Vijver, main speaker at this year’s INSIDE conference.


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