Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

For hotels we like to say that with redesign they become mature. The Bristol Hotel has had quite a long time for growing up, which after total war demolition was fully renovated and from the old one only the outside can be reflected on. The Hotel Bristol Sarajevo, on the access road near the city centre, is now a part of the Shaza hotel chain and is considered one of Sarajevo’s first class business facilities. With its turbulent history this is a hotel with a story. The renovation was led by the Al Shiddi company from Saudi Arabia, with management entrusted to Shaza hotels of Dubai.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

The hotel is situated by the road going into the city centre on the edge of the business centre of Sarajevo, with the assembly and other important buildings close by. From Sarajevo Airport it is located less than 6 km away and to Baščaršija in the city centre it takes 5 minutes. Commendable is smaller underground parking garage. The location is not the most picturesque, but it is practical enough to meet the needs of business guests, in particular because the taxi in Sarajevo is among the cheapest in the region.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

COLD APPETIZER Architecture and Aesthetics
Practically only the façade remained the same at this hotel. This is a typical modernist architecture that does not thrill at first. The interior of the hotel was thoroughly renovated. All architectural interventions have gone in the direction of the luxury experience, with fine materials in place and the space dominated by subdued warm colours, a monotony occasionally broken by interesting details. The hotel rooms are felicitous and suitable for the mark, as the hotel today embodies the quality of their hotel chain.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

WARM APPETISER – Personnel and culinary offer          
The Hotel Bristol is not only handsome and attractive, but the staff is professional and always cater to your desires. In addition, all the lobbies and rooms are very clean and well maintained. Last year the hotel was declared the best hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the World Travel Awards competition.

Guests accustomed to European hotels are surprised by a complete ban on alcohol in the hotel and an adaptation of halal cuisine standards. In practice, however, this is probably a smart business decision, which means the adaptation to Muslim tourists who are more and more in Bosnia. The breakfast is very good, well exceeding the level of four stars.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

MAIN COURSE – Congress and hotel offer
Hotel rooms are a bit dark, and for this category they are relatively small, but well-equipped. When booking it is necessary to pay particular attention to this. Among the better parts of the hotel is the fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. The whole experience of hotel rooms would near five-stars if the rooms had better dimensions, because of the luxury equipment of everything, from leather details to selected fabrics.

Shortly after the opening the congress centre hosted one of the most important events in Sarajevo. Four multifunctional halls convertible into one can accommodate up to 400 participants. In addition, there are two smaller meeting rooms and a conference hall for 252 participants. All halls are equipped with modern multimedia equipment.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

DESSERT – additional offer
The spa and wellness centre, which is solidly equipped. Disturbing is only an awkward entrance, which is possible only through the hotel lobby.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

Mini bar is free, but for the taste of pampered guests it is poorly stocked.

Photo: Hotel Bristol Sarajevo

I-pads with daily news in the breakfast room and probably one of the best beds in the region. Sleeping in such a bed is comparable to winning the main prize at the lottery!


A well-managed business hotel, which to the Sarajevo market brings the experience of international hotel chains. The Hotel Bristol offers business travellers and convention guests excellent working facilities and service on a global scale, flirting with the highest quality. Smart details, fine fabrics, comfort and everything else that belongs to the top class business hotels. European guests are disturbed only by the prohibition of alcohol, which could be more clearly and explicitly communicated.




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