The Glyptotheca is a part of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, profiled as a museum of sculpture art dating from the Antiquity to the present day. Established in 1937 as a repository of sculpture plaster casts, and enlarging its collections to include a number of important works by Croatian sculptors from the 19th and the 20th century, it was made a part of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and named Glyptotheca in 1950.

Today, the Glyptotheca is the custodian of the largest collection of works of sculpture in Croatia, including both plaster casts and original works dating from the 19th to the 21st century that are displayed in more than 14,000 m² of available space. The collections of this museum include more than 13,000 works of art. In addition to the permanent display of its collections, the Glyptotheca of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts organizes artistic and other cultural events, exhibitions in cooperation with other museums and galleries, lectures, and a range of other events in its display rooms, the theatre and in the open-air Sculpture Park.







INSIDE VENUE:In addition to permanent exhibitions, Gliptoteka realized art and other events, visiting the exhibition in collaboration with other museums and galleries, lectures and other events in their indoor and outdoor
CONTACT INFORMATION:Gliptoteka HAZU Medvedgradska 2 Zagreb, Croatia Tel: +385 1 46-86-050 Fax: +385 1 46-86-052 E-mail:
NUMBER OF HALLS:3 (Gallery I, Gallery II, Gallery III)