Q: How and in which direction will the Meeting industry change in the future?
The meeting industry is already rapidly changing through startup technology. The power of events has been given to the people through crowdfunding, as attendees vote with their dollars. If organisers receive the market dollars, the guess work is done. Events/meetings are also going to be more connective and less location based.

Engagement for meetings and events is now pre, post, and during.  Patrons stay in touch through Twitter or other real time communications with other attendees and exhibitors.  For those not able to attend they can harness the online information and engage from remote locations.

Q: Which innovations in your opinion will most influence the organisation of events?
Crowdfunding is the innovation that will change how people organise events. This innovation effectively changes the power of the event over to the people. When this happens both parties have insights into what will be provided at the events. Organisers no longer play guessing games about what attendees want. Attendees get to voice their opinions through social media channels and they get to work with each other to develop amazing events that are of huge success.

Today, innovation is heading towards predictive intelligence and technology. Predicting and suggesting movements, like people connections patterns and much more.  Technology will know more about you than you do of yourself – which will enhance experiences and opportunity, thus creating more value for all parties involved.

Q: What personally inspires you?
Organisers are losing money and we can fix that. Events can be better and we are enhancing the process daily. We are creating technology that empowers organisers in the sense that they can set up events and not assume risk. At the same time, patrons are excited to be more involved in these events. This type of shift is moving incredibly fast and that’s what gets me excited and inspires me – solving major problems.  It’s a really exciting time to be changing the event world.

IN FOCUS - Jayesh Parmar
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