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Kisikura in action

Name: Kisikura
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact: Udihni d.o.o., Hrenova ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana,

KISIKURA is a pure oxygen therapy producing unparalleled effects on the human body. If you are visiting one of our events and you wish for a natural revitalizing oxygen experience, you only need to relax in a comfortable chair…and breathe in! Oxygen is inhaled through a sterile nasal attachment.: a device is in place to extract nitrogen from the air you breathe in, leaving 92% to 98% of oxygen, enabling you to inhale up to five times more oxygen.

Results? Pure physical energy! Revitalized body! No more headaches!

Focused and clear thoughts! KISIKURA is completely mobile and adds variety to any indoor or outdoor event.





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