According to the latest Eurostat data, Europe will pass through the recession and is on the path of slow recovery in 2014. At the beginning of the year we would like to measure the temperature and expectations among the various convention bureaus of the region participating at the trade show Conventa.

Q: What are expectations for 2014 at your convention destination?
We expect to hold our position as the number two Austrian meeting destination after Vienna. Tourism statistics show records, year after year and we will make new efforts to continue this.

Q: What areas and development priorities are you paying the most attention to?
We will be focusing on new countries with new direct flight connections to Salzburg such as Istanbul. Our core markets and neighboring countries in the east of Europe will stay on top of our list.

Q: Your main competitive advantage? Where are you better than the competition?
I’d like to think of the differences which make us run ahead of other destinations. If you take a look at the tourism statistics you will see that we are a record winning destination in city and alpine tourism. None of our competitors can offer the same variety to meeting planners such as urban city feeling and alpine chic at the same time. However, the investments in our infrastructure makes me confident to say, that we are ahead of many others in the international meeting industry.

Q: How important is the participation at the congress trade show Conventa for your destination?
In the past years only bordering regions of Slovenia where allowed to participate at Conventa, so we are participating first time and look forward meeting many interesting clients.

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