GADGETS lavivaveraforequa-3Two girls took their chance to make the design for the EQUA BOTTLE, and now you have the opportunity to get your hands on this exclusive and limited edition water bottle too, with only 300 to be produced.

Having your own bottle will help you stay hydrated at all times, and we all know how important water is for our skin, body and brain to look and feel its best. The bottle is made from glass and is available in three different colours: green, blue and peach.

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Certificates of EQUA bottles:

By purchasing, you are donating to the environment
By purchasing an EQUA bottle, you are donating 10% of the profit value to ecological organizations. Your donation will contribute to a cleaner environment by supporting ecological campaigns and organizations throughout Europe.

The product is safe in contact with food and drink
The official certificate indicates that the bottle is made of “food contact materials”, which means that the liquids will not be contaminated when stored in the EQUA bottle. The product is safe for use and good for your 



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