97f75e61d762a5c6a4b8c1bbWho? I’m a conference coordinator for an International Medical Association ( International Society of Nephrology). In charge of venue selection for our symposia. I’m also in charge of all logistics and relations with suppliers, budget management, logistical coordination, planning etc… Our association has around 10000 members worldwide. Events rotate and gather from 200 to 5000 for 3-5 days. Visit to Conventa is more for our our Nexus( up to 7-800 pax ) and Forefronts Symposia (200 pax).

Where? ISN Nexus in 2014 will be held in Italy (Bergamo) and Australia (Brisbane). Forefronts Symposia in 2014 will be held in Boston and Charleston USA.

Nexus Symposia in Congress Centre. Forefronts in hotels (4* Marriott and Resort/all in meeting centre). Mostly accessible cities and venues. City centre for easy individual evening dinner possibilities. One plenary and a nice networking area for posters and mix&mingle.


–       Because a local member has presented a selected scientific program
–       Because it enters in our rotation between continents and countries
–       Because the budgets fits
–       Because there is a potential in finding partners/sponsors
–       For Nexus Symposia, because there was some financial support/subvention ( not necessary but can help to finalize the budget )


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