janette, poglajen

Q: Who are you?
My name is Janette Poglajen. I am a sales manager for MICE in the hotel chain Sava Hotels&Resorts, the umbrella brand of Sava Turizem d.d., the largest tourism company in Slovenia. Ever since my elementary school, I was inspired by the tourism industry and the hospitality of people working in it. When I started high school, I decided to work in tourism and in some way help people find the best combination of spending their working and free time in it. Being a very diligent and dynamic person I am always looking forward to fulfilling expectations and the needs of our customers, which will make them return to Slovenia.

Q: What is your favourite meetings brand?
By owning so many hotels in so many different destinations in Slovenia, Sava hotels&resorts is my favourite meeting brand. When offering customers the necessary things for their events, they can choose between high-and middle-class accommodation and congress halls, which makes the decision much easier. With that kind of infrastructure, a great attitude to tourism industry and innovative approaches and activities, we can assure best results and happy customers.  

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
When I started working in Sava hotels&resorts it wasn’t long before I was doing one major event, which included different types of programmes that had been offered to a customer. I do not take this as a brave action, but more of education, which taught me how to become better in this industry. Being self-confident, reliable, motivated and innovative are in my opinion some of the most important characteristics of how best to work with other people working in tourism. And I am proud to say I am managing it successfully.

Q:What’s your alternative career fantasy?
I would have to say my alternative career fantasy would be to work with people in the same way as I do now – consulting with them and then organising the whole event. No one day at work is the same as any other and that makes this job so unique.

Q: What are you currently obsessed with?
I cannot really say I am obsessed with anything. I am just doing the best I can in everyday life. Having the opportunity to express myself through my work keeps me extra motivated and ready for new challenges.

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