According to the Zagreb Tourist Board figures, in February 42,284 visitors visited Zagreb and they made 79,625 overnight stays, which in comparison to the February of 2014, represent an increase of 11 percent in arrivals and 9 in overnight stays.

The majority of the arrivals were achieved by the guests from South Korea, followed by those from Italy, Serbia, Germany and BIH. In total, from January till February, there were 82,885 visitors who made 160,320 overnights, which represent an increase of 15% inarrivals and 16% in overnight stays.

[pullquote]These great results put Zagreb on the first place among all the cities in Croatia.[/pullquote]

To make the access to information on Zagreb’s tourist offer as easy as possible, the Zagreb Tourist Board has published these days the new website. Currently, the website is available in 6 languages (Croatian, English, Italian, German, French and Spanish), and in preparation are 9 micro sites for all the other languages that were placed on the old site.

New sites allow better navigation, have clearer content and are easier to use. They are unique in that they have a fun and interactive part called “Zagreb Walk” which invites users to virtual socializing and communication in animated Zagreb’s streets with avatars of the other users who are currently on the site.

What is worth noting is the new subpage where you can find interesting stories about Zagreb created by local bloggers which show city from a slightly different perspective, than in the tourist guides. Also, users have the opportunity to share their own photos, as well as commenting and sharing content through social networks.

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