“Managing content, product and motivation in meetings and events industry”: a Polish perspective of the global event market


A comprehensive monograph about the Polish meetings market has just been created. The premiere of “Managing content, product and motivation in meetings and events industry” by Krzysztof Celuch took place on 1 February during the MPI European Meetings & Events Conference in Kraków.

The publication is the result of the author’s observations of the dynamically growing meetings market in Poland as well as an illustration of its 25-year history. The author has presented operating characteristics and cooperation models, describing interdependencies between respective entities and proposing a new market categorisation.

Krzysztof Celuch has presented and analysed the current theory of the meetings industry, formulated by both experts and academics, only to suggest his own classification. According to his argument, goals are the key aspect of organising various types of events. He has classified them into three groups (content, product and motivation) and it is from their perspective that he has described the market.

[pullquote]In his publication, Krzysztof Celuch combines theoretical discussion with many examples of project execution, as well as case studies illustrating each of the proposed categories.[/pullquote]

This monograph comprises also a forecast of the meetings industry development over the next ten years. In this respect, the author has identified two areas that are especially in need of regulation. One of them is the need to create a satellite account for the meetings industry as it would show its economic value in the long term. Solutions proposed by the author are of a universal nature and are not limited to the specificity of the Polish market.

The author hopes that the summary he has prepared and the tools presented will serve the purpose of strengthening the position of the meetings industry. The aim of the monograph was to present the essence of the meetings industry on the Polish market. Through applying a qualitative analysis of (among other things) its products, i.e. meetings organised by Polish companies, the author intended to show the professionalism and economic value of this branch of the economy.
In the foreword to his monograph, Krzysztof Celuch has expressed his thanks to his friends and experts of the international meetings industry for their support in his academic work. Special words of gratitude have been addressed to Rob Davidson.

The premiere of the “Managing content, product and motivation in meetings and events industry” monograph and a meeting with the author took place on 1 February during the MPI European Meetings & Events Conference at ICE Kraków Congress Centre in Kraków.

The monograph was published by the Vistula University in Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. It was reviewed by Associate Professor Amanda Cecil, Indiana University, USA; Cracow University of Economics Professor Jadwiga Berbeka, PhD.; and Rob Davidson, Managing Director of MICE Knowledge.

Krzysztof Celuch

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