matic, vozlič

Q: What do you love about meetings?
The main point about meeting is to get in touch with presenet and future business partners. You increase your business market. I still think that meeting person live is still the best way.

Q: Your tips for the perfect event?
To be prepaired 120%, go through all little details with your client and be ready if anything happen – to have always plan B.

Q: Why organise a meeting in your city/hotel?
To have meeting in the sky – on 15th floor with breathtaking view of Ljubljana and what is most important with day light.

Q: The most memorable event for you?
Live streaming of operation, from university clinical center to our hotel where we had 3 days congress (endoskopska kirurgija) and wedding ceramony outside on 16th floor with breathtaking view.

Q: Food for thought?
Always try to be the best. Plaza Team