The Grand Union Café with a brand new terrace
Photo Credit: Union Hotels

With the closure of Miklošičeva road The Grand Union Café was finally able to open the long desired terrace. The Café, which has always been a popular meeting place of Ljubljana citizens, now invites you to enjoy the summer sunshine over a cup of excellent coffee.

The Grand Union Café, key part of the Grand hotel Union, has been Ljubljana’s vibrant pulse since 1905. It has not only hosted aristocrats but also numerous artists, from renowned painters to writers. In the 80’s it was the centre of the Ljubljana alternative movement.
When in Ljubljana, visit Grand Union Café and try their excellent coffee, explore a wide variety of snacks and premium wines from their new wine library and enjoy the warm atmosphere. If you are looking for a good time, then stay for the evening theatre, cabaret or different shows by renowned artists.

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