DATE: 15. — 19.9.2014
LOCATION: Terme Ptuj
CLIENT: Husqvarna Austria GmbH, Industriezeile 36, A-4010 Linz
EXECUTION: Grand Hotel Primus, Tacit Hall, Club Gemina, and other outside areas (parking lot, lawn behind the hotel)
TYPE: Product launch


Over 100 participants gathered in Ptuj to discover the latest products of the company Husqvarna. The brand has been at the pinnacle of global manufacturers of power tools for several decades and is today synonymous with quality and longevity. This key event took place across several locations that were presenting different products (lawn mowers, power tools etc.) which participants were able to test out on the grassy areas. At each location food and drink catering was provided and in the evening the Primus market took place in Club Gemina, at which no less than Emperor Antonius Primus himself took the time to show participants around the camp.


A major challenge was in arranging the catering outside the hotel, because of the bad weather, but the event was nevertheless carried out successfully. The event was also very demanding to implement, as the client requested strict branding with the aim of consolidating the brand and a preferred presentation combining the modern and the traditional.


A comprehensive solution was sought for the client in which the entire hotel and its surroundings would “breath” the event and be fully equipped in accordance with the client’s corporate image. Business partners from abroad (mainly Austria) were also in attendance and they were impressed by how the Roman stories were also mixed into their event.


The quality of service and the ambience of the Grand Hotel Primus****Superior delighted the client. He was keen to stress the almost endless possibilities offered by the historic town and the green surroundings of the hotel.

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