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Feel the freedom, fight the gravity, share sky with birds, enjoy stunning views... …why walk, if you can fly!

More than 270 incentives on 120 pageS

Dear Incentive lovers!

Your search for the best Incentive programme is over! We are happy to present to you a brand new Incentive book containing the best of the best South East European incentive programmes.

Incentive ideas guide book offers an abundance of good ideas and a variety of incentive offers. Kongres magazine has made research into the most attractive incentive destinations of the region. When making the list we used the criteria of destination’s attractiveness, motivational effects on participants, originality of programmes and feedback from our partners.

South East Europe is a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, languages, traditions and customs. It is the most diverse, heterogeneous and complex transnational cooperation area in Europe, made up of a broad mix of countries. With these Incentive programs you will be able to see the yet unseen places, taste un-tasted foods, unknown wines, hear unintelligible languages and experience undiscovered experiences.
We captured more than 270 best of the best South East European incentive programmes. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline, active, CSR, cultural, historical, culinary or luxury experience, the Incentive book has it all. In the Book you will also find itineraries of different cities, Case studies, Top destinations to watch in 2015 and Top 10 Incentive ideas in the opinion of our readers.

We are sure you will find something for yourself.

The creators of this guide book hope you will enjoy flipping through the pages.
A long trip. A difficult process. A beautiful guide book on 120 pages!

Kongres Incentive guide
Kongres Incentive Guide

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