Sašo Metličar
Sašo Metličar

“What happened, happened, look ahead and don’t look back”

Saso Metličar is a waiter and restaurant manager at Smrekarjev hram. He believes that the greatest achievement in life is to have earned people’s trust and respect. In his 17 years in the hospitality industry he has received a lot of good advice, but the bit that Sašo especially likes to remember and share with others is: “What happened, happened … look ahead and don’t look back …”.

Smrekarjev hram

Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me

Q: The most enjoyable part of your job?
Working with guests, organising work, and seeing a pleased expression on our guests’ faces.

Q: Your hobby?
Recreational sports for well-being and relaxation in the vineyard.

Q: Popular restaurant and food?
Aside from Smrekarjev hram … I’m not limited to one restaurant. The important thing is that the food tastes good wherever I eat.

Q: Your idea for a better world?
If people paid more attention to themselves and not others, it would be a much better world for all.

Q: Best Wine accompanying Union cuisine in the hot summer days?
A glass of dry champagne or

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