ETC Adriatic’s

Why not try to end the year with the best incentive ever? ETC Adriatic, a Slovenian based inventive company, has some suggestions on how the management can surprise their employees and in a fun and dynamic way increase productivity in the company.

ETC Treasure Hunt in Christmas Ljubljana is a GPS location game search for a hidden treasure. GPS hotspots are custom made for the chosen location. All the teams start at the same time and the team that finds all the spots and finishes all the missions first is the winner. ETC Adriatic has their own mobile app ETC Treasure Hunt so they’re always adding new missions and challenges for their teams.

ETC Treasure Hunt offers a wide range of various challenges that they are happy to customize according to client’s company activity.  They offer a very fun and entertaining but not too demanding adventure that participants won’t forget easily. This week Christmas Hunt was tested and approved by the esteemed Pricewatercoopers consulting.

Another fun incentive is The Grand Prix race where the teams are given a chassis with wheels, a toolbox and limited amount of building material, all in order to assemble a proper race car. Each team has to construct a competitive vehicle with a distinct sports looks and perfect driving skills. Grand Prix Race is a very dynamic team building task that demands good planning and problem solving skills. The Grand Prix race was the incentive adventure that GlaxoSmithKline was happy to try at their annual congress in Bosnia.