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A current comparison of the closest competitors on the 2014 ICCA scale following the Kongres travelogue methodology – meetologues.

Population: 1,166,763 Population: 1,259,079
ICCA Country and City ranking 2014: 50th place, 50 meetingsICCA Country and City ranking 2014: 10th place, 118 meetings
Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2015: 107.70Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2015: 174.13
Sunshine hours: 2,112 per yearSunshine hours: 1,902 per year
+ Belgrade is an authentic, open and hospitable congress destination with a lot of soul. It offers an abundance of floating restaurants and clubs, plus lively riverbank promenades. With a large convention centre, the Belgrade Fair, numerous convention hotels, a long tradition and very reasonable prices Belgrade has a solid platform for the further development of its meetings industry. It focuses its congress story on its rich culture at the crossroads of East and West, the central position in South-East Europe and a lively social life. Belgrade is a city on the rise and for now a rough congress diamond that has enormous development potential. If it improves its infrastructure and handles the entire meetings sales chain it can be placed geo-strategically side by side with other world congress capitals. In short, the zeitgeist of Belgrade is best summed up by writer Momo Kapor with the words: “Belgrade is a low-budget New York”+ The spirit of Central Europe is captured at its best in this beautiful city, which with its cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, liveliness and a tireless nightlife is an excellent convention destination. What is the secret of Prague’s congress tourism? What are they doing differently? It is a combination of circumstances and wise development policies under which they are elegantly and sustainably working to be among the top ten European congress cities. Their story is reminiscent of Škoda, of which the Czechs are very proud and which is one of the oldest automotive brands in Europe. Reputable, solid and reliable pre-war limousines were changed into cars that were behind their times after the war. Today, Škoda shines again and once more puts the Czech manufacturer where it used to be. The same can be said for the meetings industry, where Prague began to seriously falter against locations at the top of the European league. If we look at the position of Prague regionally (and accepting that Prague will not take primacy in the region over Vienna), it certainly has all the conditions in place to remain the first congress destination among East European capitals for a long time.
. Belgrade meetings flashpoints:Prague meetings flashpoints:
1. Crowne Plaza - new 416-room hotel with meeting space for up to 8001. Hotel Yalta - a modernist hotel that speaks the spirit of Prague
2. The Royal Compound - a palace built in 1924 in a Serbian-Byzantine style2. Dragonboating - rowing competition with dragon boats on the Vltava river
3. Skadarlija - The most evocative part of Belgrade, packed with traditional restaurants3. Tower Park Prague - crazy venue with a beautiful view of the city
4. Tito's Train - Journey back in time onboard President Tito's famous Blue Train - art deco style hotel on wheels 4. Beer Tour - meet typical Prague pubs with a century of tradition
5. Sava Centar - Serbia's prime convention facility with 16 meeting rooms 5. Driving with tanks - the taste of socialist times for real men
STAY: Radisson Blu Old Mill STAY: Four Seasons Prague

Belgrade; FINAL MARK: 4,45/5

Prague: FINAL MARK; 4,60/5

PRAGUE: 4,60/5