We asked Katja Hamler, one of the TedxLjubljana team members, to tell us something more on how the visitors experienced the event.

Q: Were you immediately inundated with lots of applications and how did your listeners/visitors experience this event? Was listener attention and speaker efficiency the same as in other events halls or was it something completely different?
The fact that the tickets were literally sold out in seconds shows how big the interest of attending this unique event was. How- ever, we believe that this is a result of hav- ing a great panel of speakers and not only because of the exclusivity of the event. The proof of that is also the following sold out TEDxLjubljana event held in Gallus Hall.

Q: Was the choice of 4 speakers random or were you looking for special speak- ers and specific topics for this special event that would further resounded around the world?
Due to the strict safety regulations we had to report in advance to Adria Airlines the exact seating plan of passengers. We had to determine the seats for the announcer, cameramen, other technical team and of course for the speakers. The speakers stayed at their seats during the event and when it was their turn to speak they put on their microphone, stepped in front of the passengers/audience and performed their speech standing. We were lucky that we didn‘t have any turbulence during the flight, as this would interrupt the speech- es, and we would have to wait for more suitable conditions to continue the event.

Q: Was getting the four speakers to- gether for this one by chance or were you looking specifically for targeted speakers and tailored topics for this special event that could further re- sound around the world?
Our team always goes the extra mile in or- der to gather the most interesting people and topics that we know our audience will love. For this very exclusive event we se- lected topics that are somehow connected to global travelling, transportation or have an important personal message. Our first TEDx speaker was Marko Javornik, who introduced us to the idea of using our personal transportation as a service. Eva Škufca shared with us her experiences with studying and working abroad. Maja Štamol Droljc told us a personal story how she and her husband adopted two little girls from Guinea-Bissau and Lucija Petavs who gave us a brief insight about her work as an investigative reporter.