BEST OF 2015

Find out what the best incentives, experiential events, conferences and congresses, apps, cultural events, songs and movies were in 2015

Colja M. Dams, CEO, VOK DAMS Agency for Events & Live-Marketing

Colja M. Dams has been President/CEO of the VOK DAMS GRUPPE since 1998. From its foundation in 1971, the agency has been one of the international market leaders in Live-Marketing and Events. Graduated as an economist from the University Witten/Herdecke in Germany, he recognized very early on the importance of internationalisation within the special events business. Thanks to his efforts the Wuppertal, Germany-headquartered agency has established five additional German offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich, as well as successful subsidiaries in the Middle East (Dubai), China (Shanghai & Beijing), France (Bordeaux), England (London), Eastern Europe (Prague), South America (São Paulo) and the U.S.A. (New York).

Three best experiential events 2015

1.  VOK DAMS supported the cooperation between Jeep® and Red Bul at the Red-Bull-Crashed-Ice in Munich.The audience could test out the off-road abilities of the newest Jeep® models at a special off-road parcours

2. Lufthansa Meet & Greet with FC Bayern Munich

3. Celebrity event in Shanghai – VOK DAMS organises Lufthansa