This year’s Summit 100 for business leaders from Southeast Europe will be held on May 27 and 28 and will be working under the theme, “An Agreement for a New Age.”The summit is being organized by BBI Bank and ASA Prevent Group and it will be the first time for BiH to host this major regional business event. Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia have all served as host countries in previous years.

Summit 100 is not only a significant initiative that deals with the topics of modernization and connecting economies in the region as one market area, it’s also an ideal platform for establishing private-public partnerships.

The Presidency of BiH is sponsoring this year’s event and it is set to coincide with the annual summit of regional heads of state, which is held as part of the Brdo Brijuni Process. The presidents of eight regional countries, who also serve as the leaders of the Brdo Brijuni Process, will be attending Summit 100, where they will participate as members of the Presidential Panel.

As an event, Summit 100 aspires to gather prominent business leaders from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.