Polona, Tomo, Nina, Nuša, Miha, Natalija and I have decided to create an event with a completely new format under the name Conventa Crossover.

The idea and format, dedicated to marketing of events, Convention centres, hotels and  destinations has impressed and attracted more than 25 experts, who will come to Ljubljana to share their knowledge with you on Monday, 29 August and Tuesday, 30 August.

We chose themes that are troubling for most event organisers and came up with practical solutions to help answer their burning questions. Here are some clues and ideas:


We have managed to bring two of the biggest names from the international congress industry scene. Colja M. Dams is part of the VOK DAMS GRUPPE, which is the leading global marketing agency, specialized in car launches and other events. Jens Oliver Mayer comes from the German delegation of JACK MORTON WORLDWIDE with a colourful array of clients. They will take us into the world of first-class event production fitted for the most demanding clients.


Being the number one provider is key In the saturated market of events and tourist services where competition is stiff. Ciara Feely is coming to Crossover and during Tuesday’s workshop she will share her thoughts on how to fill up empty capacities through winning bids and quality relationships with buyers.


The unusual workshop will be lead by the legendary Martijn Timmermans, who will undoubtedly change your view on content marketing after you leave. We have also brought the world-renowned “Event StoryBoard Canvas” to the region for the first time. You will get a chance to experience it first hand on your own practice case.


We have put together the tools and techniques used for e-marketing, social media, SEO marketing, increasing sales, advertising and overall fun at the event into our Content Bar. Besides delicious coffee and cocktails our content barman will serve you with the latest trends and solutions in Pecha Kucha format, so definitely head on to Content Bar!


Despite volcano eruptions and economic crisis, Reykjavik is known as one of the most successful congress destinations. The recipe for its success will be presented to you by the director of Meet in Reykjavik, Thorsteinn Örn Gudmundsson. We are also very proud of the success Ljubljana has been making, so have brought the team responsible for that. Petra Stušek will share her thoughts on how they managed to change Ljubjana’s reputation. Turkish Airlines is the best European airline company and a synonym for first-class marketing. Speaking about the field of events at their airline will be the director of MICE, Leyla Koray.


Marketing renovation of Union Hotels, which round up a good half of all the hotel capacities in Ljubljana, will be presented by their general manager Tomo Čeh. Can specify what young people keen on travelling desire? This question will be answered by Dominik S. Černjak, who is part of the hottest tourist project on the Adriatic right now – The Obonjan resort in Šibenik. A design hostel with a pool, shop, bar, event space, Riri the dog and much much more is part of another hot tourist product called Hostel Swanky Mint in Zagreb, which will be presented by its founder Andrija Pirnat.


You will get a chance to meet Colja, Jens, Andrija and all of the 29 experts speakers in person at Crossover. Because of the profile of the event and participants involved, we want to see attend as many leading experts on event organisation, marketing and tourism as possible.

We designed the event inspired by the Dannish meetology Meetovation. The key elements that you will get to experience at the event are:

Active involvement of delegates
Throughout the event, our excellent Dutch moderator Jan-Jaap In de Maur will take care of your active involvement. His contribution will be the key for defining and creating the true added value of Crossover.

Creative Setup
The team at Union Hotels have turned the hall in Hotel Lev completely upside down. It will be presented to you in a setup that resembles the Greek mountain Agora -a public space that will allow for relaxed networking and a chance to really focus on content.

Green and Responsible thinking
You will get to see just how seriously social responsibility is taken at Union Hotels at lunch time, which they will prepare using local ingredients. The wine tasting will be spiced up by a dose of rock n roll creativity.

Integration of Authentic and Local inspiration
The event will be organised with the help of local partners among which Ljubljana Tourism is the main player. We will make sure that every guest gets a chance to feel the zeitgeist of our city, through guided tours, local cuisine presentations and hidden corners of our capital, where we will also carry out an after party on Monday.

Return on meeting investment
Every one of us wants their time and money to be invested smartly and beneficially into meetings, so measuring results of events is key. The proof that we mean business is our quality policy “If you are unhappy with the event, we will return your registration fee”.

Our team will take care of the creative space and make sure that there are loads of opportunities for networking and that you will have an unforgettable, rock n’ roll spiced time. I am looking forward to meeting you all on the 29th and 30th of August in Ljubljana. All the information and on-line registration can be found on the Crossover webpage.


Leyla Koray, Manager of the M.I.C.E Department, TURKISH AIRLINES, Turkey
She understands her role as an intermediary between the airline industry and meeting industry. Strongly believes in the importance of the “human touch” and seeks to adapt this also in professional life. Read the full interview

“Learn what are the key elements for a successful partnership with a leading airline”

Colja M. Dams, President / CEO of the VOK DAMS GRUPPE, Germany
Since 1998 President and CEO of VOK DAMS, one of the best international companies in the field of Live-marketing and events. Read the full interview

»Take advantage of trends and their impact on the audience to maximize the event”

Marcel Wassink, CEO and Co-founder SUPEREVENT, Austria
He has worked in a numerous worldwide companies, such as Fujitsu, Philips, Nuance, etc. Managing or investing in innovative companies he develops in line with personal business strategy. Read the full interview

“Learn how to create a more interactive event, using a simple, interactive and innovative application ” 

Jens Oliver Mayer, Managing Director Germany, JACK MORTON WORLDWIDE, Germany
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of trade marks has a special passion for the integration of Live events and digital marketing. Read the full interview

»Learn how to design and implement technology strategy in the events to increase the reach”

Rene Massati, Brand Ambassador TRENDONE, Hamburg, Germany & Co-Founder and CEO PLAYROOM, Vienna, Austria
Expert, whose task is to implement the trends in the business – by anticipating the development of major technologies and ongoing work with clients. Read the full interviw

“The design of the boring into a memorable event is like organizing an excellent party”

Thorsteinn Örn Gudmundsson, Managing Director MEET IN REYKJAVIK, Island
With many experience and knowledge of the tourism and aviation and managerial experience, from 2012 the head of Iceland Convention Bureau – Meet and Reykjavik. Read the full interview 

“You have to understand marketing challenges of MICE market and the potential rewards that it offers”

Roko Palmić, Director of Sales & Marketing for REGENT PORTO MONTENEGRO, Montenegro 
Chief Executive, with great experience in the field of marketing, sales and management. From his opinion the talent to work in tourism is important, but even more important are true leadership, freedom, clear guidelines and two-way communication. Read the full interview 

»Learn how to contribute and motivate improved regional integration for more appropriate positioning of MICE”

Ciara Feely, Hotel Conference Sales Specialist, Conference Converter & FindaConferenceVenue.com, Ireland
With her numerous experiences passes on the knowledge to hotel teams for taking over a leading role in the sales process and gaining control. Read the full interview

»No matter how you want to sell, the most important is how the client wants to buy!”

Magdalina Atanassova, Marketing Communications Manager, Kenes Group from Bulgaria
Recognized and experienced marketing expert, in 2015 ranked among the “Top Young Professional” PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) and a finalist for inavgurational IAPCO-innovation Award. Read the full interview

»Motivate your audience with digital and social marketing and look at marketing strategically”

Martijn Timmermans, Co-founder, Creative Director, The Red Line Project & Event StoryBoard canvas, The Netherlands
Event organizer and sales promoter who considers that MICE “sits” on the Holy Grail. Shares an opinion that with the use of magic “Storytelling” we can create and organize autonomous and experiential event. Read the full interview

“We are all competing for time which is the greatest good. Learn how “storytelling can help to stand out and be successful”

Lea Lipovšek, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital agency MADWISE, Slovenia
With numerous experiences in the public and private sectors is an expert in the field of modern marketing technologies and approaches, with an emphasis on digital customer. Chair of B2B section in DMS (Slovenian Marketing Association). Read the full interview

“Know the value of advanced digital tools such as marketing automation, and their contribution in can have meeting industry”

Juraj Holub, Marketing manager & Meeting designer SLIDO, Slovakia
Ambitious young designer of events, awarded with “Best Young Professional” PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) in 2016 for his work as an expert, speaker and creator of content in a number of activities connecting the meetings industry. Read the full interview

“Create an event such as a heart interaction – people want to cooperate and bond with each other and also with speakers«

Ognena Ristovska, Founder and General Manager of MOMENTUM INC., Macedonia
With rich experience in organization of national and international events, she founded her own agency, whose “goal is not only to create events but create unique, memorable and extravagant experience. Read the full interview

»Learn how to sell your products/services without” selling”

Jovana Miljanović, Founder of JM CONSULTING & travel bloger, Serbia  
Owner of the global marketing agency in the field of content marketing, social media, community management and SEO. Recipient of numerous awards and competitions. Read the full interview

»Use creativity with digital marketing tools to become a “driver” of changes in the tourism marketing!«

Ivana Preiss, Design Strategy & Filip Vasic, Creative Brand Strategy, LEAD 52: HOURS, Czech Republic
Ivana is an UX product designer and head of the design service for businesses and start-ups focusing. Filip is a brand specialist, an award-winning strategic for brand development and advertising campaigns for clients such as. Komercni banka, Citibank, Raiffeisen Bank, Mondelez, Renault, etc. Read the full interview 

»Know the value of details for the development of good marketing campaigns and innovative product design”

Damjan Obal, Head of UX & Design at GVC GROUP, Slovenia
Leader, UX strategist, product designer and design researcher. The boy, who dreams of magical portals, and looking for places where design, technology and story combine. A remarkable storyteller who has already impressed many at the Conference Travel Zoom. Read the full interview

»Look at the world of content marketing also with different eyes”

Slaven Rejlić, Managing Director CORAL GROUP DMC – PCO, Croatia
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of tourism and the organization of business events, partner and CEO of Coral Group DMC / PCO Croatia. Man, for whom a destination tourism is more than service, it is something that is his passion. Read the full interview

»In marketing and marketing communication content is the key, but also to provide client with values and solutions”

Jan Jap In der Maur, Founder-Moderator at MASTERS IN MODERATION, Netherland  
Moderator of conference Conventa Crossover moderated his first event 17 years ago by chance and felt immediately like at home on the stage. The best feeling for him is when the participants of the events go home with the feeling that they were part of something special, a part of a real change. Read the full interview

»The combination of clear goals, good design and excellent meeting moderator is the right recipe for a magical event”