On 29th and 30th September the Manager’s Association of Slovenia (MAS) is traditionally organizing a Management Congress where they will also inaugurate Excellency in Management at gala dinner with bestowing the award Manager of the Year. Grand Hotel Bernardin will again host top management of Slovenia with this two-day meeting in Portorož that gives out also the most prestigious “Manager of the Year” award and “Woman manager friendly company award”.

In 25 years the event has become one of the most powerful and recognizable media business meetings in Slovenia that serves as an opportunity for education and business networking among the 300 participants annually.

This year main topic is one of the three key objectives of the Manager Association for 2016, the digital transformation. With the desire that digitalization gets its place also in all Slovenian companies, they will discuss changes in work processes, products and services, and in particular what kind of change can be expected in managing people.

MAS has since 1991, in collaboration with several international and recognized Slovenian experts, provided actual expert content. Management Congress is in this way a place for business networking and is nowadays one of the most respected gatherings by Slovenian managers and media. The Managers’ Association of Slovenia has about 1,000 members – upper, middle and executive level management of Slovenian companies and other organizations.