The Tower Vinarium Lendava, a 53.5m high observation tower close to Lendava that offers stunning panoramic views of the area, is the winner of the Sejalec award, an award for innovative tourist ideas and services in Slovenia granted by the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Since 2004, the Sejalec awards have been presented to the most innovative tourist products and providers of tourist services at the national level. From 11 registered ideas this year, the expert committee has selected five finalists. The winner, The Tower Vinarium Lendava, was announced during the press conference held at the Day of Slovenian Tourism at Radenci.

The jury has justified the decision: “With the disappearance of industrial activity in Lendava appeared a time to change the mindset of the local community; from the industrial town thinking to tourist-minded town. A great help was the newest attraction, a 53 meters high tower Vinarium, which has been visited by an impressive number of 100,000 people. Impressive is also the view from the tower, which extends into four countries. The design of this “Pannonian lighthouse” symbolically reflects the intertwining of cultures, coexistence and friendship of nations. Tourist Association »Lendava invites” as a manager of the tower in close cooperation with the municipality develops content and opportunities for visitors, residents, local providers and initiatives. The positive results of their efforts are already reflected in the increased interest in the nearby wine road and other tourist attractions of the destination. The title Sejalec 2016 thus goes into the hands of the project, which is distinguished by the sensitivity and courage for radical changes and is actively linking tourism stakeholders at the local level.”