Gastronomy event “Game of Chefs” or as locally announced “Culinary leaders gathering” was held on October 15 at Regent Porto Montenegro.

Seven regional Executive Chefs created regional gourmet experience which was greeted by the applause at the end of the evening: Oltion Veshi from restaurant ‘Koteci’ from Albania, Nihad Mameledzija from “4 Rooms of Mrs Safija” from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Ante Udovicic from restaurant “Paradigma”, Split – Croatia, Jure Tomic from restaurant “Osterija Debeluh”, Filip Ciric from restaurant “Homa” Belgrade, Serbia and a creator of the extraordinary dessert – Petra Jelenic from renowned Zagreb patisserie “Mak na Konac”.

This elegant event was led by a master of ceremonies with a harpist, Milica Kankaras, setting the soundtrack for the unique experience. Carefully chosen wines paired amazing dishes.

Impression of the stay, idea and organization of such a unique event was summed up to media by Petra Jelenic:

“I am honored to be part of this idea. I am impressed with the organization of the even and the location. I consider this as an excellent opportunity for intensifying communication, exchange of knowledge, opportunities for cooperation and further development of quality of regional culinary scene.”

The event was fully booked. Hotel Regent proved itself as a true gastronomy oasis whilst the regional gastronomy was evaluated as the source of the limitless inspiration and strong selling point for tourism positioning for each and every country of the region.

Zeljko Knezovic, Executive Chef at Regent Porto Montenegro designed a subtle introduction with the first dish “Egg in the sea” (slow cooked egg, poached mussels with Njegusi prosciutto, goat’s cheese. This dish comes with crispy chicken skin).
The second course came for Oltion Veshi under the name “From head to tail” created of the best parts of the oxtail terrine paired with the best cut of beef tartare and presented in line with the gourmet philosophy of “Koteci” restaurant.
Vibrant Bosnia and Hercegovina was emphasized by Nihad Mameledzija through third dish “Chicken liver a la Mrs Safija”. Dish encompassed aromatized chicken liver with honey, peppercino, organic corn cream topped with the mini salad and aromatized rose petals.
The fourth course was a tale about merging continent and the sea which was presented by Jure Tomic through “Scallops in a forest”. Gentle combination of grilled scallops on the bed of porcini crème topped with trompettes mushrooms crumble and sprinkled with olive oil powder.
The scent of the sea was brought by Ante Udovicic with Adriatic calamari and sea bass combined with black garlic coulis (dry aged for 30 days), silky celery emulsion and broad bean cream.
Crescendo of the regional gastronomy symphony was created by Filip Ciric through the sixth dish “The best of veal” which presented sumptuous course made of tender veal fillet, slice of marinated tongue and sweetbreads. Designed with bordelaise sauce, vegetables a la minestrone and fresh slices of black truffle.
From ‘Mak na Konac’ – most revolutionary patisserie in the region, our special guest Petra Jelenic made an exceptional dessert that perfectly fits this autumn season. An homage to the Earth is presented with parsley root gel, poppy biscuit, candied muscat pumpkin, guanaja sorbet and lemon curd.