If you think that you do not have enough time to carry out operational marketing activities, do not worry, you are not the only one!

In the last few years, there has been a series of new digital communication channels, but to exploit their full potential we need something that we are often missing – time!

The growth of media and communication platforms is often not followed by an increase in employees in the marketing department and existing staff simply do not have the time to pay adequate attention to new media.

Customer expectations are, however, increasing and those who want to stay competitive in this new digital environment cannot afford failure.

Digital marketing in the meetings industry and tourism has become too important to only deal with occasionally and/or superficially, it requires a systematic approach. The solution is here: OutOfOffice – your outsourced digital office!

Could you use some help with operational marketing activities? Consider outsourcing the digital marketing tasks that you do not have time for! Regardless of whether promotional texts need writing, newsletters sent or Facebook applications created, our team will do the job professionally and on time so that you can devote your time to the strategic aspect of your job.

Who's behind OutOfOffice digital office?

The outsourced digital office, OutOfOffice, is a new service from PoslovniTurizam.com / CroatiaMeetings.com. Years of experience in web marketing, Croatian tourism and the meetings industry, gives us the insight into the challenges that many colleagues often meet and so we decided to form a team and offer services that will help you with your daily work. Our team is composed of excellent marketing and digital experts who are ready for any challenge.

The internet is our natural environment and therefore we are able to improve your digital marketing – from the production of websites, content marketing, e-mail marketing etc…

OutOfOffice can help you with:

  • Content marketing – creating the strategy, content, production and distribution of content
  • E-mail marketing – creating the strategy, segmentation and updating the database, production of newsletters
  • Social media marketing – management of profiles and campaigns on social networks
  • Production/website maintenance – design, production, updating, technical maintenance
  • Design – creation/production of web and print materials
  • Other services – SEO, SEM, PR and events, digital strategy and advice

What are the advantages of engaging the OutOfOffice digital team?

Engagement of the OutOfOffice digital team has a number of advantages over alternative solutions, such as hiring additional staff or specialist agencies for specific aspects of marketing.

1. More cost-effective than hiring – the average marketing specialist costs a company approximately €1,500 per month – by employing the digital OutOfOffice team you will achieve significant savings!

2. Experience guarantees quality – our team members are professionals with an average of 7–10 years of experience in the digital marketing environment, providing high quality implementation of every task!

3. Team instead of individuals – with the OutOfOffice digital office, not just one marketing specialist but a whole team of digital experts will be at your disposal to manage your requests in the shortest possible time.

If you find the OutOfOffice digital office services interesting and you feel we can help you then please let us know! Free analysis of your digital channels – request a free analysis of your digital channels and a proposal with the basic measures / activities for improvement.

Two month trial period – if you want to try our services and to test OutOfOffice, we will provide you with a two month trial period.