Choosing a venue is one of the most important steps reconsidered when planning an event in a new destination. And the theme and originality of your event is greatly influenced by the venue. Prague has over 100 unique and awe-inspiring venues that offer just what you’re looking for. Let us introduce you to one of the venue concepts we came up with for a client of ours.

Historical trams are often used for pre-dinner discovery of Prague. Guests can enjoy the ride while observing the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and other historical sights. The ride normally finishes in the city centre followed by dinner at a one of the many great local restaurants. This time we were asked to come up with an original idea on how to combine historical trams with a unique dinning venue.

WOW Factor

Something unexpected. Dinning in the tram depot – where trams are normally parked and maintained.

We took our guests on a discovery tour of Prague by historical tram. The ride finished in front of the old tram depo, the final station, where all trams lined up. Guests thought the ride was going continue, but suddenly all tram lights shut down. The main doors to the depo began to open along with flashing lights, heavy industrial sounds, and smoke flowing out. The trams started moving into the venue and the guests were left waiting in suspense, as they didn’t know what was going on. Once all trams were inside, we turned the venue lights back on. The surprise was finally here. Dinning tables were set in the middle of the tram depo, directly on tram lines. And historical trams were lined up along the walls of the venue creating a natural decoration to the venue. Dinner and the evening full of surprises had just begun.

Original ideas, unexpected venues and creativity are what drive the Prague Events team when delivering customized concepts to clients. There are many other creative ideas Prague Events team is ready to come up with for your next event in Prague.

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