Q: The readers of Kongres magazine chose you as one of the most influential people in the South East European Meetings industry. What does this recognition mean to you?

It means quite a lot. Readers of Kongres Magazine are the top people in our industry on the client and on the supplier side, so being chosen as one of the most influential people in the meeting industry it is an honor for me. It was always my intention to give back as much as possible to industry colleagues, newcomers and young people starting in our industry so I see this selection also as a recognition of these activities.

Q: If you look back at the 2016, what would you say were your major achievements?

2016 was a great year, we moved forward further with our coopetition offer with Barcelona and winning new clients for our two cities and on the other hand to be moderator for the new ICCA AMP Program where we achieved to redesign this new type of meeting.

Q: 3. 2017 – New Year, new plans, new business objectives?

Nothing spectacular, further improving our relationship to clients. Learning what is going on in the medical world with compliance etc. and as key event we are hosting the Association World Congress in Vienna.

Q: Which event are you looking forward to attend next year and why?

One of the top events will definitely be the ICCA Congress in Prague as I will arrive with my whole team at the ICCA Congress – in total we are twelve and we look forward to the networking, to the sessions but also to the fun we will have to meet more than 1000 ICCA colleagues.

Q: Which trends do you believe will shape the meetings industry in 2017?

We will continue to discuss the Brexit issue, we will experience a new type of president in the United States and unfortunately we will still be faced with terrorist issues. But the meeting industry will further develop, work on more emphatic and collaborative meeting set ups which will further increase the quality of meetings.

Q: What is your wish for 2017?

That we all can move in more quite and safe environments and that we as human mankind find positive, sustainable solutions for some of the crisis issues we are facing at the moment.