Bevog microbrewery is the fruit of inquisitiveness and aspiration towards discovering new beer-drinking experiences; it is the result of enthusiasm, love and zeal. We brew beers with character and soul. Our goal is to transcend the limits of the known and ordinary.

We have had enough of a monotonous beer offer and the belittling of beer. Beer can be and is much more than that.Bevog brewery is dedicated primarily to beers of top fermentation, more commonly known as ales. The ales we brew basically originate from England. In the last few decades this highly diverse type of beer has been given greater breadth, a wider range of flavours, has been shifting the boundaries of individual styles and becoming more and more popular around the world. It is gaining popularity not only with beer lovers and beer drinkers, but in general with gourmets, top chefs and people who are always willing to explore new flavours and experiences and who care about what they ingest.

Despite the English roots of ales, we here at Bevog are very creative and do not stick to the established norms. We design our beers in our own way, the way we know is right. We choose a beer style, take it apart, add a broad spectrum of gained knowledge, ideas and views, put it back together and polish it into our own beer, which is not rigidly cemented in the prescribed frames of an individual style. When creating recipes, we strive towards perfection and above all refuse all compromise, which is otherwise sadly in abundance in modern mass production.

All of the above has been confirmed by the received awards and prizes, and above all by the many super pleased drinkers of our beer.

INTERVIEW: Vasja Golar, Bevog

If someone wants to have a great hobby, home-brewing is a great choice. Especially if you have some friends who are home brewers too and you brew together and spend some very cool time brewing, sampling and drinking beer.

Q: When did the love for beer started and why did you decided to start brewing?

Since I got acquainted with stronger drinks, beer was always my first choice. Of course I also had some wine beside the beer and with my limited budget in my student times, I started with some cheaper products. But it was at that time, that I also developed my passion for cooking. With time, as my budged improved a bit, I started to enjoy better quality products.. But at that time, the only available beer on the market was just the ”normal” beer. And sometime in 2008, on my business trip to Belgium, I found something completely different and that was actually a big turning point in my mindset. This was a big step in my perception of beer and food.. And actually life as a whole. After I came back from Belgium I started to look for Belgian, French also various German beer, to explore the scene a bit more.. And some time later, I got interested in the process of making the beer. I simply googled ”how beer is made” and that was how the ball started rolling.. Like love on the first sight. I still love it.

Q: If someone would like to start brewing, what would be your advice?

If someone wants to have a great hobby, home-brewing is a great choice. Especially if you have some friends who are home brewers too and you brew together and spend some very cool time brewing, sampling and drinking beer. But home-brewing is one thing and having a brewery is a very different story. You can love it and all, but you have to be prepared to work hard. Beside brewing and creating recipes, there is of course a lot of paperwork, investments, branding, marketing, technical developing, traveling and a million of small things that you never knew they existed. But in the end of the day, it still has to be fun.

Q: Do you have a favorite beer at the moment? Yours and someone else’s?

That is pretty common question for people to ask me. To be honest, I am not sure which of our beers I like the most. I think our session ipa and coconut porter are amazing, both from our “Who Cares editions”. And of course our mighty Braleywine “Hagger 1116″ is a mindblower. I also like to have some “Tak” in the winter time. But I think all of our beers are a good option, because we really put a lot of effort in quality and sustainability of the beer. And every craft beer is the best, if you drunk it as fresh as possible… With other craft beers, I can say that I am fan of Orval, but there are a lot of great beers out there. And my choice also depends on conditions these beers were kept in, how fresh or old (aged beer) they are. The beers have to be brewed every time the same way and stored correctly. I guess it is important that check if the beer was in good hands before purchasing and enjoying it..

Q: What is the main difference between craft beer lovers and wine lovers?

I guess It is pretty obvious.. First love craft beer and the second love wine. To make my answer even worse, l will add, that this could get one very long bar discussion with a (craft)beer in ones hand. It really depends on the market and the place you are at. Some people still think that wine is superior to beer, but this is in my opinion not true. Beer is even more versatile and has in the meantime more variations than wine. I love to drink great bottle of wine, but if I would have to go and live on a deserted island, I would take great amount of craft beer with me. I also love to cook and combine food with beer and maybe not so much with wine. I think I just want to experience something different and great with my drinks and food. I just love to have it fine and tasty.


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