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For years Milan has been making the headlines in the major international newspapers and magazines due to its inimitable mixture of interests in the city, culminated with Expo hosted in Milan on 2015. The Universal Exposition attracted millions of visitors from the four corners of the globe. Capital of business and at the same time the city of innovation, arts, music and least but not last, design and culture, Milan boasts new districts and ultra-modern architecture, efficient transportation and high level of quality life, offering a special surroundings with mountain and its fantastic lakes. It’s no wonder that the New York Times ranked Milan top of the 52 destinations on our planet to be visited in 2015 and the IcityRate Report recently published in 2016, judged Milan the smartest city in Italy. Unforgettable attractions are the Pinacoteca di Brera and Ambrosiana art collections, the Cathedral Duomo, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the Royal Palace, the Castle Sforzesco, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, countless art exhibitions, the new Porta Nuova, the City Life quarters and the Darsena docks. Unforgettable is the experience in the city with its ’s fashion and shopping appeal, which makes Milan one of the world’s most recognizable cities, with a dizzyingly high seduction rate.

Located in the center of the North/South-East and East/West crossroads and suited to communication with its fellow Mediterranean partners, Milan has three international airports linked with all major destinations worldwide. Considered worldwide the leading Italian city, Milan is unique in the panorama of destinations which combines business with beauty and delivers to people a souvenir of quality life hard to find.

A long-time meetings industry addict, Gorazd is the Founder and owner of marketing and event agency Toleranca Marketing. He has many years of experience in planning, preparing and carrying out large international meetings and exhibitions. As the founder of the "Power to the Meetings" methodology, he still firmly believes in the power of live events and human to human communication. He is also the author of numerous articles and editor-in-chief of the meetings industry magazine Kongres Magazine.