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The once prominent textile shop at an elite location in the very centre of Ljubljana, which was abandoned for a number of years, will in the coming years provide a venue for a variety of events. The house offers a completely different event venue, which will make for the kind of fresh and creative stories that event organizers are aiming for. Union hotels already started property tours for prospective organizers of business and social events.

In the words of Union Hotel’s General Manager, Mr Tomislav Čeh:

By acquiring the Modna hiša building we are pursuing a strategy that involves uniting several interconnected buildings and managing a property complex that adjoins Grand Union Hotel. Our goal is to follow the modern trends in the field of events and hotel industry and adapt to the new segments of visitors on both fronts. We are also pleased that what was once a very popular house will come to life again in a different form, combining creativity and socialising.

Since the venue tours are underway, the interested event organisers and tenants are kindly invited to come and see it. For further information regarding the venue rental contact, Hotel Manager.

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