“Flexibility of a food court, ambiance of a stylish restaurant”


Slovely Park is first and foremost a venue for socializing, and then come the amazing dishes available at the food court, where one can find four amazing providers who are linked by a common passion. We like to call Slovely Park a ‘culinary street’ or a ‘Closed Kitchen’ (as Ljubljana already has an Open Kitchen in the summer time at the Pogačarjev square), since it gathers together several providers under the same roof.
You can meet up with your friends or prepare an event without having to worry about any special diets of those invited, as Bištro will take care of all the meat, burger and salad fans, while at Verace one can give an authentic Neapolitan pizza a try, lavished as it is with original ingredients from Naples and made with the artisan pizza preparation learnt through the centuries. For all the desserts, croissants or bread products Zebra Patisseries is on hand to look after you and for wine, gin, beer and amazing coffee the serving takes place at “S – dobra kava, dober dan” (With good coffee, a good day begins!). If you’re ready for some wine tasting and looking for some amazing bottles to take home then the Balthazar wine store might be the direction you need to head in.

Alongside all of the delicious dishes and beverages on offer you can also meet up at Slovely Park to participate in one of their many events and workshops, or just drop by for a quick purchase of Slovenian products that will soon be available there (olive oil, wine, books, etc.).

The Hotel Lev is located very centrally, not far from the business centre of Ljubljana and just a short walk to Slovely Park. The Grand Hotel Union belongs to the hotel group that also incorporates the 4 star Hotel Lev, featuring 173 guest rooms and 9 function rooms. Meeting planners will be excited by the Karantanija conference hall, located on the ground floor of the Hotel Lev and with its largest conference hall welcoming up to 400 guests.


Any type of event that in one way or another is connected to gastronomy can be hosted at Slovely Park. In a seated format up to 140 people can be accommodated, whilst standing allows for up to 300 people – with still having enough space for normal breathing!

With the Slovely Park team knowing that without great ingredients dishes cannot be as tasty as they are, they’d be happy to share with your guests a bit of their knowledge about the food and beverages. They love what they do and with every passing day they make great efforts to constantly improve, something that organising an event under their roof will demonstrate – they most certainly will not let you down! Should you have any other special requests regarding incentive programmes they would again be happy to liaise with you to – from theme parties, team building sessions, gin, wine or beer tasting, they can make it all happen.


The best thing about Slovely Park is that is home to five providers who do not compete with each other, and whilst everyone works for himself they at the same time all work together. Under the same roof are shared tables, chairs and the other infrastructure needed for guests. The basic idea here was to connect the providers who wouldn’t be able to carry out a project of such scale on their own – but as a team, it became possible. Each provider at Slovely Park pays their share of the rent and in exchange they get a settled home and, last but not the least, joint promotion.


This attractive glass-fronted venue going by the Slovely Park name can be found next to the GR – Exhibition and Convention Centre and hosts the five independent businesses working together to provide something for everyone. Located just 20 minutes’ walk from Ljubljana Old Town you’ll find the bar with coffee and drinks, patisserie for bread and cakes, bistro with a menu of more substantial dishes (with plenty of meat and burgers), amazing pizzeria with Neapolitan pizzas and the wine store where you can purchase or taste more than 100 different wines from Slovenia and elsewhere. Items from the various providers can be mixed and matched, so you get to enjoy the best of all of them.


The Slovely Park team learned about the concept of integration and co-creation from restaurants abroad and were immediately impressed by the idea. Keeping it in mind, they got together when they realized that when they connected and aspired to the same goal, nothing seemed impossible and the realised how much stronger they were together. All five of the providers look forward to spoiling their guests in their own special way through culinary masterpieces.


Slovely Park
Dunajska cesta 20, 1000 Ljubljana
W: www.slovelypark.si
E: manca@slovelypark.si
T: 00386/ 70 171 583