AIM Group International was commissioned by one of the largest global financial institutions specializing in the private sector of developing countries, to organize their biannual meeting. The event would bring together 400 delegates from 56 countries. The challenge for AIM Group International was to bring everything together within a five months timetable. On the spot timing, the capacity to be intuitively aware regarding the start-up of activities and fine-tuned reactivity in providing great solutions has distinguished AIM Group as a company with a team that is accustomed to facing different/difficult situations and needs.


The AIM Group team started by identifying the three main concepts of the meeting architecture that would give what the client needed: Process, Tools and Content.


  • The timeline required  was carried out with precision in a timely manner
  • The venue proved very efficient despite strong initial doubts
  • The social programme was a success in terms of networking

From the Evaluation Survey the results are exceptional , more than 90% of good scores on expectations, networking, management of services, overall evaluation of the meeting.

AIM Group worked to provide diverse opportunities for participants to make valuable connections with industry colleagues and corporate clients. We are honored to have earned the respect of the client and the request to organize another event for this financial institution.

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AIM Impact Story_Three Concepts of Meeting Architecture create Valuable Networking