Foto sejem, Ljubljana

On 27th May 2017 the “Photography Fair” at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will unite the professional and amateur photographers, basically everybody fascinated by the amazing and creative world of photography in Slovenia and other regions. This year’s Photography Fair in “Stebrna” hall of GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre welcomes some novelties on 1310 square meters area – some great innovations from the photographic industry, lectures and workshops by top experts, the photo market where visitor will have the ability to purchase new or used photographic equipment and 40 different brands presenting their offer to visitors.

The organizers expect around 600 visitors since the fair attracted great attention and recognition last year when it was organized at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre for the first time. Their development, innovations and presentation of novelties have created a wonderful meeting point for everybody involved with photography, either professional or amateur. The event opens a debate on current professional issues and to exchange knowledge, experience, ideas and views on the further development of photography in whatever form and purpose. For amazing pictures and photography, good photographers need a lot of knowledge, quality photo equipment and a lot of creativity to stand out of the crowd. And this kind of fairs serves as a meeting spot for exhibitor presentation and top photography brands under one roof, professionals speaking on attractive topics with great lectures, workshops giving the practical and useful information and also as a market for new and used photographic equipment with a special “fair” discount.

A good picture is worth a thousand words a saying goes – and the fact is that a picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.