The purpose is to tell the story of 12 months of exhibitions, congresses and successful events at the Palacongressi di Rimini. In just over 2 minutes, “Giving Space and Shape to your Ideas”, shows a cutting edge conference centre, capable of hosting from large scale international events attracting thousands of visitors, to small seminars or workshops with just a few dozen participants.

The new video, once again the work of Laboratorio Creativo Gerebros, takes up where it left off in last year’s “Be Seduced”, the clip that zoomed in on the venue’s spaces, the structural features of the Palacongressi, and its location within Rimini’s vast urban park.

In the new storytelling tool, which will be distributed online and go viral on the Palacongressi’s social media channels, and will be part and parcel of marketing and promotional activities for Rimini as an international destination, the protagonists are the actual people who bring the Palacongressi to life. The spaces are a hive of activity, populated by business conventions, entertainment events, and major medical-scientific congresses.  It is a looking glass into how the forms and models of the meeting industry are evolving towards new directions of planning and production.

A fast-moving, upbeat video clip with a clear message to illustrate in greater detail one of Italy’s leading conference centres. A venue located in a key leisure destination: Rimini. The city described through the works of art of Rimini-born director, Federico Fellini. A maestro of modern cinema.