Editor-in-chief at Live Com Magazine 

Kevin Jackson has been voted the most influential person in the UK event industry. He worked with marketing groups such as Interpublic, Grey, Saatchi, Jack Morton and George P Johnson. He is using philosophy of business growth, engagement, participation and action in his new role as Editor in Chief of Live Communication magazine, a bi-monthly publication for the Live industry.


Q: What do you love about your job the most?

I have a very privileged position, I get to speak at events all around the world, see incredible things and meet amazing people, who wouldn’t love that?

Q: Where do you see the biggest opportunity in marketing and MICE industry?

There are a number: we have to learn the language of business and brands. We have to understand and segment our audiences, we have to develop our strategic communication skills. Finally and most importantly, we need to measure the things that are important.

Q: How do you deal with marketing jungle on daily basis?

I behave differently, I climb to the top of the tallest tree and all I see is blue sky and opportunity.

Q: How did the best events you attended so far make you feel?

There isn’t one emotion, there are several, elated, connected, empowered, alive. I’ve felt all of these emotions at events and that why they are the most powerful marketing discipline.


Q: Looking at your bucket list, what is the one thing that you really wish to cross off until the end of 2017?

The Conventa Crossover Conference.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead), who would you have dinner with and why?

One more dinner with my mother and father, I’m sure I don’t need to explain why.


Q: What would you share with our participants if you would have only one minute?

We spend so much time trying to fit in when we should be standing out. We spend so much time asking why when we should be saying why not? It’s not what you say it’s what you do that counts.

Q: What are you bringing to Conventa Crossover?

I’ve spoken at 19 events in 11 countries in the last 12 months, I publish and edit a magazine that has built a subscriber base of 8,700 in 9 months. I’ve interviewed senior leaders in global brands and agencies. I’ve synthesised and interpreted all of that into insight. That’s what I’ll be bringing.


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