Divoka Voda
Photo credit: Divoka Voda

General Manager, Ing. Alžbeta Ondriš

Q: Can you introduce Divoka Voda to us and give us a little background on your history and experience with incentive activities and congress services?
The business of Divoka Voda started off in 2009 with offering rafting for “everyone” as a unique sport activity. Now we offer a spread of water-based sports activities, like rafting, hydrospeed, jet ski, surfing, kayaking, quads, paintball, volleyball and football. We can cater for 250 people engaged in different activities at the same time and this is an ideal location for events and these kinds of activities.

Divoka Voda
Photo credit: Divoka Voda

I am very happy about the excellent geographic location, the Danube river, the cycloroute, no traffic, all of which promise the perfect conditions for an unbelievable experience and relaxing time. And this is the paradox: you come to the capital of Slovakia and we can pick you up from the noisy downtown and transport you in just 15 minutes to place with a lot of adventure OR the chance to relax. We are a sport park focused on incentives and if you ask anyone from corporate business about Divoka voda, you can expect an answer like: Oh yes, we had an amazing teambuilding event there :)

Q: Which would you say is the most effective incentive programme at Divoka Voda?
Rafting is always the TOP, because this sport activity has a lot of effective impact on a person. You do teamwork during the activity, so it’s good for building a team. You experience an adrenaline activity, so producing endorphins, and maybe you do this for the first time in your life, so it is also creating one of your big memories and maybe you are finally living your dream. Of course, you can connect it with a workshop and other activities, but rafting cannot be missing from the programme.

Divoka Voda
Photo credit: Divoka Voda

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give companies planning a corporate incentive event?
Hmm, our clients are the spirit of this park and we always learn a lot from them. People from corporate business can be very creative and they have often very good ideas on how to attract things, but I can say that we are the experts for logistic of events. If the company wants to have an event for 250 pax, we can create the perfect synergy – we will model them a perfect, non-boring programme and the company can add some fresh ideas suitable for their people. Good and correct communication is the best basis for a future event.

Q: What are the most engaging incentive exercises?
Rafting and jet skiing. In addition, if we had a bigger speedboat (it’s only for 6 pax), that is also a big experience.

Q: Hotel Divoka Voda also provides premises for holding congresses and training. How many people can you accommodate in the hotel? What is the additional offer for your business guests?
There is a 3-star hotel with a capacity for 50 guests and 16 low-cost bungalows for 64 guests. There is also the possibility for camping in case of very informal or unusual events. The hotel has two meeting rooms, Blue1 for 20 people and Blue2 for 60 people. Both meeting rooms have daylight and beautiful views, and we provide catering in various styles – garden parties with grilled specialities are very popular. We can create very pleasant middle-sized business events in a comfortable atmosphere. I recommend our park mostly for training and business meetings connected with an outdoor teambuilding programme.

Divoka Voda
Photo credit: Divoka Voda

Q: What are the benefits when organising an event at Divoka Voda?
You can have everything under one roof. A very diverse offer of sports activities and good chances to relax. Move – eat – accommodate – entertain – relax = all in one.

Q: When hosting a congress for two days, which incentive programme would you offer to an organiser?
– Transporting guests by cruising boat from the city of Bratislava to Čunovo Divoká Voda
– Participating in sports activities – rafting, jet-ski, speed boat, quads, volleyball
– Visiting Danubiana – a museum of Contemporary art
– Bird watching for smaller groups in the surrounding areas

Q: If you could return to the past or hurry to the future, how old would you like to be, and why?
Come on… always 21, you know why! :)

Q: If you could witness any event in history, which one would you choose?
Hah, maybe my first staff party in the position of director.

Q: What did you learn to do last week?
Now I know how many employees a Mercedes-Benz Company in Slovakia has.

Q: What makes you smile?
A lot of small things, but always my son.


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