Dekon Group and GR announce their partnership
Dekon Group, an International PCO, has announced the opening of their new offices in Ljubljana directly in co-operation with GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR)… ⇒ Read the entire article

Bratislava Castle

Experience amazing Bratislava in a specialized Familiarisation trip
What better way to discover Bratislava as the perfect destination for events, congresses, and conventions than with a Familiarisation trip, organized precisely to give the Hosted Buyers everything they’ve always wanted to know about Bratislava… ⇒ Read the entire article

There are many brave things that I’ve done. I always want to push my limits and bold moves are an indispensable part of this. I have been on the hunt for challenges ever since I was a little girl. As a multiple state champion in taekwondo, the competition ring has taught me the fearlessness at a very young age, being only 10 years old. The fearlessness is still my companion today. Some of the brave things for me were jumping from a height of 4000 meters, partially conducting my study in South Korea, swimming with the whale sharks, diving with the wild sharks and mantas, motorbike riding and traveling into the unknown. Life is too short for doing boring things!… ⇒ Read the entire article

Mateja Kodermac

Live and let live
– Who is Who at Union Hotels
Mateja Kodermac: “My favorite vacation involves camping with my family and friends by the river Nadiža next to the city of Kobarid. Over and again, it is an amazing “disconnection” from the everyday life.”… ⇒ Read the entire article

Nina Erneker

I told you so
– Voice from the top from Bratislava Convention Bureau
Nina Erneker:” I would take visitors to the city center of Bratislava and leave them alone for 1 hour to absorb the atmosphere. They will find themselves in a lively and vibrant city with great accessibility to all the major sights and with many nice places to eat and drink. And I would have no worries to do so because the city is safe for anybody… ⇒ Read the entire article


Ljubljana hosted 20th SIW – Slovenian Incoming Workshop
Slovenian Incoming Workshop, the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry was held from 11-13th of May in the Grand Hotel Union. It hosted 188 foreign representatives from 146 companies and 220 representatives of Slovenian tourism from 130 companies… ⇒ Read the entire article

Cvent Reveals 2017’s Top 25 Meeting Destinations in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Cvent, Inc., a leading cloud-based enterprise event management company, today revealed its annual list of the top 25 cities for meetings and events in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as the top 10 destination choices for German Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition (MICE) Planners… ⇒ Read the entire article

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre presents new corporative video
GR marks the first quarter of their successful 2017 year with a special corporative video, representing the diversity of Slovenia’s leading convention center. If you are looking for a good idea, effective execution, and a professional team, look no further… ⇒ Check out the video

A strong part of the offer is the four conference halls, two meeting rooms, and a VIP lounge. In the vicinity of Hotel Brdo, there is the modern Congress Centre Brdo, which with about 9,000m2 of usable space can host all kinds of events… ⇒ Read the entire article

In bed with Conventa Crossover speakers: Mary Kirillova
“I see the biggest opportunities in the “electricity” of live communication. When individual potential and global ideas find each other and you feel that you are in the right time and place and that people need you. We live in times where digital rules the world and live meetings have become redundant”… ⇒ Read the entire article


Boutique Slovenian Hotel Plesnik in Logar Valley shines in new color and refurnished energy
Hotel Plesnik, one of best-known Slovenian boutique hotel, located in beautiful and pristine Logar Valley had very busy Winter this year, preparing for the amazing re-opening in Spring 2017, showing completely renovated hotel rooms and wellness area… ⇒ Read the entire article


New Video: Meetings Without Borders
Carinthia Convention Bureau and their partners prepared a culinary networking event for Slovenian meeting planners. After an interactive introduction of Carinthia MICE offer, two professional chefs, Thomas Gruber from Kaernten and Igor Jagodic from Slovenia together with the participants created some original dishes… ⇒ Check out the video


ICCA announces all-time record number of association meetings in 2016
ICCA captured 12,212 rotating international association meetings taking place in 2016, which is clearly an all-time record for ICCA’s annual snapshot of immediate past year’s meetings data, and 136 additional meetings compared to 2015… ⇒ Read the entire article


BEHIND THE SCENES: Bratislava Castle
Known as the “symbol of Bratislava” the castle is undoubtedly the city’s most popular sight and one you should definitely visit during a stay in Slovakia. The first known inhabitants of the castle hill were Celts and Romans, and the castle itself used to serve as a defensive fortification to protect against enemies… ⇒ Read the entire article

More Content – More Contracts for Bratislava
Thriving to further improve the quality of communication in this field, the Bratislava Convention Bureau (CB) organized a special workshop for content marketing in cooperation with Slovenian agency Toleranca Marketing which has numerous experiences and references for content marketing in the field of MICE tourism… ⇒ Read the entire article


The best award for any architect is the public acceptance of their work
– Interview with Jems Architects/ Jerzy Szczepanik Dzikowski & Jacek Mroczkowski

What seems to be the most prominent feature of ICC Katowice is the green valley stretching over the roof, which symbolically represents the old route from Katowice to Bogucice, the oldest settlement in the area… ⇒ Read the entire article


Montenegro welcomes tourism students from all over the world to talk about the future of tourism
From 2nd to 7th May 2017 Budva, Montenegro welcomes tourism students from all over the world at the 10th International Congress of Faculties of Tourism and Hospitality (Turizmijada). This year the organizer expects around 1,000 attendees from 20 countries and 20 international speakers… ⇒ Read the entire article

Good Idea + Effective Execution x Professional Team = Success
– Špela Terpin, Director of Strategic Marketing at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
“Balance is the key to success – enough exhibitors and enough visitors. If either of these groups is disappointed then the event that was organized unfortunately won’t have great prospects, because the next time you’ll probably not get any exhibitors or visitors. To make sure an event is a success, it is also not enough for it to be just a meeting point for buyers and sellers.”… ⇒ Read the entire article

EBC celebrates 70th anniversary with 2017 Congress in Ljubljana
– Brewing future: Science for Better Beers
Slovenia has in recent years experienced some sort of a beer revolution. So, no wonder the European Brewing Convention chose the country as the host of their 36th European Brewery Convention (EBC), held in Ljubljana from 14th to 18th May 2017… ⇒ Read the entire article

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