Primoz Ziherl, Secretary of the 10th LMC

The 10th Liquid Matter Conference is the central global event in the field of physics and chemistry of liquids, dedicated to the review of the latest experimental and theoretical findings. The main topics of the conference, organized every 3 years, are ionic and liquid metals, water and solutions, liquid crystals, polymers, colloids, films and foams and enclosed liquids, glass and gels, active substances and biological fluids. The conference will be presented by the most worldwide important researchers in these areas.


Q: What are the main challenges of your profession today?
Practically all of the topics, which are listed in this series of conferences are quite permanently our main challenges, but maybe recently the new achievements in the field of active substances are most prominent. At the same time, we cannot pass on water as one of the most complex liquids, which remains a great challenge.

Q: What is the contribution of Slovenia (your department) to the development of profession development? 
Researchers working in Slovenia are dealing with most of the topics, represented at the conference, but more emphasis is already on tradition of liquid crystals, polymers and colloids. The achievements of our researchers are at the top of the world, as evidenced by a series of articles in the most prestigious international magazines and also the fact that they’ve entrusted us with the organization of this conference.

Q: Why did you choose CD Congress Centre Ljubljana as the location for the LMC?
We wanted to prepare the conference at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana because of the great location which allows participants also a pleasant stay in Ljubljana before and after everyday program, because of their excellent technical facilities and superb services as PCO (professional congress organizers).

Q: What do you expect from the 10th LMC?
Organization of the conference is a heavy task, but also a commitment to the international community and we are dealing with this responsibility as in other countries. We will do our best to prepare an event that will enable colleagues to have an interesting scientific program and a pleasant exchange of views, thus keeping the event in their memory. Perhaps this will also slightly improve the visibility of Slovenia, but this is generally quite appropriate in the professional public.