Whoever travelled around or just shortly visited Slovenia could notice not only the beautiful country, but also amazing and beautiful Slovenian woman on every step and corner of this small part of Europe. And if you somehow forgot (if you live under a rock) – the USA first lady Melania Trump is also from Slovenia.

One of the most famous beauty contests, Miss World, precisely Miss Slovenia will be taking place on 9th September 2017 at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and Marmorna Hall. The leading convention centre will provide the best technical equipment for direct TV screening on Planet TV, one of Slovenian major commercial TV station and beautiful surrounding for the night of beauty and content, where 15 finalists will present itself in all its glory.

This year’s competitions mark some major progress, focusing not only on beauty but on the content with evaluation for finalists and activities held already from 11th June 2017. As you know, beauty fades and that is one of the reason why the Slovenian organizers have created a higher level of competition with additional programme around the official beauty competition. With their project slogan »We support Slovenia, we support Slovenian«, supporting Slovenian tourism, products, designers, musicians, authors, entrepreneurship and including it in the project with highlighting these areas through the whole project. With this in focus, the final event held at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, will present Slovenian musician accompanying all 15 finalists during all their presentations on the catwalk and Slovenian shoe company Alpina (mainly known for their hiking shoes) will exclusively present their 2 lines of fashion shoes at the event and the finalist will also wear clothes made by Slovenian designers. All in all, a night of Slovenian beauty in all perspective.

About Miss World:
MISS WORLD is the oldest international licensed beauty contest, belonging to the very top of the world’s beauty selections and distinguished by top-level organization, tradition, charity, spectacularity and the participation of more than one hundred representatives from all over the world. The winner of an individual country represents its country in a global selection where more than 130 beauties from all over the world are gathered. The most prestigious title is, of course, the title MISS WORLD for an individual year.

Jelka Verk, the organizer of Miss Slovenia and licence owner: “Everything that counts in a beauty contest is the content. Beauty alone does not count for anything if it does not give us the content with the project and that is why we are emphasizing the importance of supporting Slovenian during our whole project”.