Creative movie industry is highly impacting the tourism destinations or we could say – it can also start tourism in a destination. Lord of the rings has done miracles for New Zealand and the same story could now be happening in Croatia.

World famous King’s landing (previously known as Dubrovnik), that has served as a film set location for several movies, including Star Wars, has had visible growth of tourism in the recent years due to popular series Game of Thrones. Apparently a few years ago, tourists from South Korea in Croatia were extremely rare and now there are around 300.000 a year.

How does movie industry impact city’s tourism? What are the challenges and how can a city preserve its traditions? How do the locals respond? Romana Vlašić from Dubrovnik’s tourism board and Convention Bureau will answer this at Conventa Crossover, a conference perfect for tourist destinations and everyone involved in tourism.

Romana Vlašić.

Dubrovnik’s story is just one of the highlights of THE congress event of the summer – Conventa Crossover, that will happen on 28th and 29th of August in Ljubljana. Check out the full programme here.

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There are so many stories in two days, fresh ideas, new concepts, disrupting technologies and advanced strategies. If you wish to boost your destination’s tourism and solve it’s challenges, you should enter the marketing jungle at Conventa Crossover. Register today and reserve your place at the congress event of the summer.