Have you started wondering what the expert storytellers of this year’s Conventa Crossover will actually go on about? Well, don’t worry, as we are finally revealing the scorching hot topics from the marketing jungle that will catapult your meetings industry knowledge sky high. So, are you ready to create new business opportunities, gain new ideas, get limitless motivation and connect with the most important representatives of our industry?

Pitch to Win: How to create a persuasive, professional pitch
by David Beckett,
a pitch coach and TEDx speech coach, who has trained over 450 startups to win more than 110 million euros in investment and over 3500 professionals in companies such as Google, ING, Unilever and PwC.

The Power of Emotion
by Anne Roelandt

the associate of Luc Petit, a group that offers clients both design and implementation of tailor-made shows and events. She will tell us how to bring together professionals, artists and non-professionals in order to create a harmonious event.

Challenge your business for better
by Thiemo Gillissen
a 23-year-old self-taught Austrian entrepreneur. Born into the digital world, he is a passionate maker, designer and leader. He co-founded Fifteen Seconds, a company that lives at the intersection of business, innovation and creativity

Behind The Scenes Of Ljubljana Fashion Week
by Melinda Rebrek
the Managing Director at Zvereene Institute & LJFW Executive Producer, who started as a casting manager in times when that profession in Slovenia was as common as E.T. She grew up in TV & Film production while freelancing for marketing and event agencies.


How to Market a Damaged Destination Brand
by Eda Ozden
the Director of Business Development at MEP Destination Business Solutions in Istanbul Turkey, Eda roams the world to build relationships and educate the world about Turkey as a destination.

One Man Show? It’s not anymore.
by Michal Zalewski
the spokesman for the Kraków Festival Office and International Conferences and Entertainment (ICE) Kraków, who is responsible for PR and New Media and has been working with the Kraków Festival Office and the ICE Kraków Congress Centre since 2013.

Greece – 365-day tourism destination
by George Tziallas
the Secretary General for Tourism Policy and Development, Ministry of Tourism, Greece. He is a Civil Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Planning and has a twenty-five-year professional experience in management consulting.

Go Green or Go Home
by Enej Vitrih
the marketing manager in the greenest hotel in Ljubljana, Hotel Park, who started as a bell boy in a 5* hotel in Portorož and worked in the industry as a receptionist and sales representative. At Crossover, he will share his green view on pop-up events in unusual places.

What happens when Edinburgh targets USA?
by John Donnelly
the Managing Director/CEO of Marketing Edinburgh, responsible for promoting Edinburgh as an outstanding city, who has UK and pan European experience of driving both commercial and brand/sponsorship programmes.

In This JUNGLE – Experience Is The King. MarKetING
by Viktor Sestak & Linda Schraggeova

Evangelist Viktor Sestak and creative lead Linda Schraggeova are both coming from internationally awarded CREATIVE PRO agency, focusing on Live & Event Marketing.

Behind The Success Of The Garden Village
by Maja Dimnik
one of the cofounders at GLAMPro – the team who is creating glamping sites worldwide. Maja had an important role at preopening of one of the best glamping sites in Slovenia including Garden Village Bled, recognized as one of top 5 glamping hotels in the world.

Be The Entrepreneur And Shape The World Around You
by Mateja Panjan
the internal innovation process manager at Danfoss Trata, a company that created the 24Idea, a startup model that brought Danfoss new knowledge about modern internal events design, authentic and inspiring communication and employee enthusiasm.

Promise Of Mobile In The Digitization Of The Events Industry
by Aivar Laan
the founder and CEO of Festivality and one of the key pioneers of professional Baltic event marketing since mid-1990s. He is a live events veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Creating Brand Spaces
by Saša Vučković
an art director, graphic designer and co-founder at Stožer boutique agency, focusing on the creative and strategic side of a marketing process. They are one of the pioneers of guerrilla marketing in Croatia.

Emotional City Of Lviv: Doing Business As A Lifestyle
by Andriy Khudo
the co-owner and Head of Supervisory Board of “!FEST” Holding of Emotions, a chain of unique and unusual restaurants. He is responsible for the strategy and investments and manages 22 restaurants.

Are You Really As Unique As Your Bid Suggests?
by Ingrid Rip

a certified trainer working with destinations, venues, organizers and individual scientists who seek excellence in their (scientific) association conferences, helping you and your team to prepare winning bids.

Online Branding In The Travel Industry
by Marina Krizman

the Chief Travel Officer at Envy, a digital marketing agency located in Zagreb and Frankfurt. She’s been focused on projects with clients from the travel industry for the past three years: hotels, tourist boards and international festivals.

Meet Handy- Revolutionising Hospitality
by Anja Levak

the Director of Hospitality Business at Tink Labs in charge of business development and handy placement in hotels across Southeast Europe and Adriatic. Increasing brand recognition for high-end hotels, resorts, and restaurants is Anja’s passion.

Designing Unique Experiences
by Sara Tušar Suhadolc

Airbnb evangelist and interior designer. After 10 years in advertising, Sara has crossed over to creating user experiences in real life. Her specialty is designing interiors with a soul, interiors that tell a story.