Schnaps tasting at the famous Pfau distillery

If you are a lover of brandy then a visit to the Pfau distillery in Klagenfurt will definitely be right up your street. Time, patience, serenity and maturity have all been the ingredients that shaped the Pfau distillery under the management of Valentin Latschen, helping it develop from a small “basement distillery“ located in the family inn into a top distillery renowned all over Europe. Their fruit brandies have won numerous awards, which is no surprise at all, as Pfau processes only fresh, highly aromatic and fully matured fruit. Sugar is a no go in Pfau brandies, which are distilled in the “raw“ and “shine“ procedures exclusively in a copper vat.


Pfau Brennerei GmbH
Schleppeplatz 1, 9020 Klagenfurt


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