A harmonious blend of old and new

With the inauguration of the K.u.K Monarchy’s southern Railway in 1864, many Vienese came to Carinthia and started to build magnificent villas in a type of architecture that radiates a very special charm from its harmonious integration into the surrounding landscape. These villas were mainly constructed for the summer season and were not inhabited throughout the rest of the year. They were designed to relate to the lake and nature with parks around the villas, boathouses and bathing houses directly on the lake. A new era of construction has begun and the new buildings are proving that they can co-exist in complete harmony with the historic lake architecture. Wörthersee Architektur created a comprehensive collection of the most eye-catching buildings around lake Wörthersee, together with a detailed map and information. So, why not take a drive around the lake, or better yet, rent a boat and experience the architecture up-close.


Pano Vision
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