You’ll forget the tastiest food you tried in one week or two, but emotions – they stay for long

Everything we do today is choosing out of lots of options. It’s the same with pictures in our smartphones, same with places to go. While opening a restaurant or hotel – the very first question you need to answer is “What can make this place different? What emotions will the guests feel during the visit?”

Marketing nowadays is not only about setting the competitive price recording to research. It’s not about spending money on the advertising budget. Now it’s about setting the priorities – choosing the place, choosing your special content and doing your best to open the atmosphere to your guests. Some would say it’s just adjusting the business to modern trends. But very important here are values, values which guide you through marketing jungle.

When we started our first restaurant in Lviv, there were dozens of places to go for lunch around. But we understood that opening one more pizzeria at that moment will not change the city, will not change the atmosphere of downtown, that would not be the desired result for us. So we tried something new. We created project “on the edge” which created lots of gossips, which brought the reputation and drive to our business. Our Kryjivka achieved a record of the most visited restaurant in Europe during one year (1 million visitors). The place shows the history of Ukrainian partisans but in very interactive and funny way. World media started to write about it.

We also created a chocolate figure of Putin, political labels for our craft beer with Merkel, Putin, Obama, Trump. We are producing good beer, tasty chocolate, but at the same time, we are telling a story to the world – it’s like a special media. So you don’t need to spend a budget to advertise the product – you can create a special product and tell the story with it.

What you’ll need in the marketing jungle – is belief, and at the same time – following your values. When you do your best and you love what you do – every friend, every person you work with, will feel it. If you like the product you have to create it then you will be able to boost it ahead. Knowing that your kid will like the chocolate from your cafe will bring you most satisfaction ever!


How do you pay attention to trends?

Trends are just a starting point for creating something new! Whenever you see the successful plan and you can count the result – you need to start. Someone can do the same, so you need to be first.

How do you make sure, that you are innovative and competitive?

First of all, we try to implement the project in Lviv, where we have a strong team and we know most external factors – so we can control it. If the place and the product are successful, we share it to Ukraine and the world.