You own a hotel room. You maintain it, promote it, you pay utility and amortisation costs and a team of people to sell it and create memorable experiences for your guests. With so much effort involved it is reasonable to assume that you want and deserve a bit bigger piece of your guests’ travel budget than just a room rate often decreased by various commissions you pay to the third parties. We created Handy to help you achieve just that.

Handy Smartphone in Hotel Cubo

1. Stand out!
Let’s say your first step is to differentiate yourself from your competition. With providing a free complimentary smartphone that comes with free unlimited international calls, internet, local tour guide, and the best offers and your services available 24/7 you are definitely one step ahead. Your guests are happy to use it wherever they go and instant connectivity makes them feel secure and always taken care of. You have now created an added value, you have met or exceeded their expectations and gained their trust.

2. Make it meaningful and relevant
We gave you a new channel to communicate with your guests and it comes with all the tools to make it meaningful and relevant- right timing, guest profile, their needs and preferences. Through our Content Management System, you can track how your guests are engaging with presented content, when they are most active during the day, which articles about your hotel and destination they read and like the most and what they were searching for that you are not offering to them yet.

3. Target wisely and track it
You can create little adds with a call to action button that we call push messages and you can target your guests by any of relevant attributes- nationality, age, booking channel, loyalty, previous purchases etc. From booking direct campaigns to happy hour, dinner specials and spa offers, limit to your conversion rate and revenue increase are only your creativity. Of course, every campaign can be measured and customized according to performance data that is available to you.

This amazing little, multifunctional device is now available in more than 300.000 rooms across the globe with more and more hotels introducing it as a standard to their offer. Handy can completely replace your in-room phone (who uses that one anyways?), all your printed in-room materials and your guests can carry your hotel offer and services with them wherever they go. Pretty cool, right?

And event organizers and business groups just love it! Can you imagine being non-stop connected to your event attendees over chat or just a simple phone call? And at the same time eliminating roaming costs for your client entirely? Plus an added bonus of all other marketing functionalities handy offers to you. We can say its revolutionizing hospitality.

We asked Anja Levak, Director of Hospitality Business at Tink Labs to answer two questions and tell us more about staying competitive and innovative in today’s “over-saturated” market.

Anja Levak

Q: How do you pay attention to the trends?

We are present in more than 60 countries across the globe and hire over 350 hospitality, marketing, and tech professionals. It’s a perfect mix or knowledge and experiences and we created a culture of sharing. Our Slack channel never sleeps and new ideas could be popping every minute from anywhere in the world. Of course, we are active listeners as well, following our competition, industry trends and trying to be a part of conversation as much as we can. Join relevant groups and forums, read white papers and researches, but create your own as well! Its all about sharing knowledge and continuously improving your product.

Q: How do you make sure, that you are innovative and competitive?

Addition to listening and sharing would be make mistakes and learn from it. You have to try it out to know if it fits. We question our product and our efforts weekly, analyse data and brainstorm ways to improve and move forward. Biggest thing I have learned from our “start-up” environment is to act immediately and move fast, as a great idea can become “old-news” in a second. Make a decision now and then put all your efforts to make sure it was the right one.