VOK DAMS China helped launch the Ducati Diavel Diesel in Shanghai

There’s product launch events, then there’s limited edition, hard rock, made of equal parts leather and steel product launch events.

As part of an ongoing client engagement with Ducati on events and live marketing, VOK DAMS China helped launch the Ducati Diavel Diesel in Shanghai with more than 200 A-List guests on September 3, 2017.

The Ducati Diavel Diesel represents an important new chapter in the partnership between global brands Ducati and Diesel, with a unique bike that features a stunning retro-futuristic design produced in a limited and numbered edition of only 666 motorcycles worldwide.

Exploring the product claim “Never Look Back,” the event boldly combined stylistic elements of vintage underground with the lavish surroundings of super luxury M1NT Club Shanghai, while thrilling guests with one of the city’s hottest urban dance crews and an appearance by China’s first Ducati Diavel Diesel bike owner – mega celebrity Li Chen.

“As launch event specialists, our approach is to let the product be the brand experience, design the environment to feed off the crowd reaction and then take their energy to an even higher level,” explained Katja Sassi-Bucsit, General Manager VOK DAMS China. “This is the powerful dynamic behind a truly captivating product launch.”

Here’s to living life with absolute style, and never looking back.