Zorica Lazić
Photo credit: Union Hotels, Marko Delbello Ocepek

Name and surname: Zorica Lazić
Company: Union Hotels
Position: Online Marketing Specialist

As a Master of Strategic Marketing Communications, Zorica has always been connected to marketing in one way or another. She finds it very dynamic, especially online marketing, as there is always enough scope to learn more, expand her skill set and grow as a person. Her career path has taken her across different industries and a few years ago it brought her to hospitality.

Q: What is your favourite meetings brand?

When I think of meetings, I think of Union Hotels. It really is a brand that caters to every aspect of the sector. Not only does it offer all-round meeting services, but it does so with years of experience and know-how. The amazing Union Hotels’ team works hard to make every event a complete success.

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve lived abroad, I’ve bungee jumped, I’ve even swum with sharks … but that was all fun. The bravest thing is following my intuition and my heart, even if the outcome is uncertain. Every time you face your fears, it changes you for the better.

Q: What’s your alternative career fantasy?

I would be a graphic designer. It is something I’m very interested in; I like how every project is a unique creative challenge.

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment?

I love travelling and photography. There is something about putting on your backpack and getting lost in places you’ve never been before, and also catching those unique moments when the universe aligns itself for the perfect shot.

Q: Your goals before 50?

I want to keep pursuing the things that fulfill me and never stop learning, exploring and wondering.

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