At some point in your life you might have thought of a creative, eye-catching, and well-drawn graffiti, but never had a chance to actually execute the idea. This problem can be solved through a Graffiti Workshop, an exclusive workshop held in Slovenia’s capital which is widely known for its rich graffiti and street art presence.

So, instead of marking the walls of historical buildings, you get a chance to release your hidden talent through a Graffiti Workshop guided by Ljubljana’s graffiti maestros from the Institute for urban culture.

The workshop allows you to create your own graffiti and come up with an awesome stencil design idea. You will learn all the practical stuff and be let in on a bunch of spray-painting tricks.

All the workshops kick off with a lecture on graffiti and street art and a demonstration, including an introduction to spray cans and spray painting in general. After the initial and detailed demo you will be able to use your creativity under the instruction of the professional street artists. Cherry on top of this unusual and unique workshop are the professional spray cans that you will be able to use.

The Institute for urban cultures provides the workshop’s participants with all the necessary stuff to have relaxed and creative time, including all the materials needed (spray paint, acetate, cutting mat, knife, gloves, markers, pre-made images etc.).

The workshops take place at the Metelkova cultural zone, more precisely at the amazing outdoor space of the Gala Hala Summer Garden (in warm weather) or at the Gala Hala club itself (when it’s cold). However, for groups larger than 25 participants, the Institute finds a larger, but equally pleasant and culturally colourful, venue.

Best time of the year:OUTDOOR: April-September: INDOOR: October-March
Duration:2,5 – 3 hours
Number of participants:Min: 1 / Max: 25 (in case of a larger group, the Institute finds a larger venue)
Location:Slovenia, Ljubljana, Metelkova City, Gala Hala


Institute for urban cultures
(Inštitut za urbane kulture)
Gregor Bulc:
Gala Hala Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenia