Besides maintaining the leading role as the central Slovenian congress centre with the largest number of international congresses, CD also focuses on being professional congress organizers (PCO) on other locations. In their line of work as PCO, they’ve cooperated with diverse clients and successfully executed many congress events in Slovenia and abroad, with one of the latest the ECML-PKDD 2017 in Skopje, Macedonia.

European Conference on machine learning and the principles and practice of acquiring knowledge from databases, so called conference ECML-PKDD 2017 was organized by Slovenian Jožef Stefan Institute from 17th to 22nd September 2017 in Skopje, Macedonia, welcoming 615 experts. Recognized as a conference with high reputation, attracting scientists from around the world due to its high professional level and an excellent opportunity and platform for companies to develop connection in machine learning and data mining communities, gaining new talent, contributing to innovation, and marketing their brands. The event is the premier European machine learning and data mining conference and builds upon a very successful series of 27 ECML and 20 PKDD conferences, which have been jointly organized for the past 15 years.


Jožef Stefan cooperated on the organization of this important congress with the professional congress team of CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, responsible for the congress implementation through all 5 days and held at 3 different locations. Organizing a congress at 3 locations can be a challenge, but not for skilled and professional PCO like CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, which proved to be excellent in their business. Combining 3 prestigious locations, the main conference venue at the Hotel Aleksandar Palace widely known for organization of different congresses, conferences and other business events, one of the most prestigious venues in Macedonia.

The two additional locations were the Macedonian national theatre where the opening ceremony, invited talk and welcome reception took place, and the other was the great Macedonian Opera and Ballet, hosting the invited talks, demo spotlights and demo & poster sessions. All in attempt to give the congress delegates the true feel of Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia and the city that lies in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroad of important communications, a city with a 2000 years old tradition. With all its historic value and stories behind the walls of great venue locations, it proved to be the right choice for the congress, known for its casual and relaxed atmosphere, with numerous networking possibilities and social activities.